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    This week’s message:

    Matthew 21 : 9  “Hosanna to the Son of David”

    “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” “Hosanna in the highest”

    We would normally be looking forward to our Palm Sunday service remembering Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and each receiving a Palm Cross to take home and put on our front door or in our window – or use it as a book marker whatever your choice.

    This year we do not have a choice. We remember that even as Jesus was approaching Jerusalem his enemies are plotting his death. Riding on a lowly colt multitudes welcome him with the waving of Palm leaves and shouting praises to God for sending this person whom they now believe is their Messiah.

    Jesus knows however that most of them do not understand his Messiahship and there are many more do not believe at all. As we reflect on our belief may our praise, whether it can be done on line with others or at home alone, be as real as if we were physically together. If we have crosses saved from previous years (and I know some of you have), put them where they can be seen by neighbours and passers by as a reminder that Jesus is beginning a week that is the essence of our faith.

    God bless you all.




  • Corona Virus Update:  Following Government guidelines on public gatherings we will temporarily be suspending our normal Sunday services.  In addition, all Lent Studies have been cancelled.

    During this difficult period we ask that our fellowship remain in touch and support each other by telephone where possible.  The situation is changing daily, so please check back frequently for any changes to this policy.

    Members of groups that use our premises should contact their respective group leaders for information on their meetings.


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